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SkillsHQ has extensive experience in the design and development of customised and contextualised Nationally Recognised Training programs.

We work closely with your organisation to analyse the most effective strategies for developing your workforce and to implement those strategies as efficiently as possible.
In addition to the delivery of Nationally Recognised Training, we also offer a Recognition of Prior Learning assessment process for qualifications on our scope of registration.

This process can be utilised to streamline your training and assessment programs by identifying current skills and knowledge of your workforce.
Enterprise training and assessment services focus on industry specific competencies that are not identified through Nationally Recognised qualifications.

Enterprise training enables a complete contextualisation of the training and assessment process to meet your organisational requirements.
TLI33215 Certifcate III in Terminal Train Driving
TLI21915 Certifcate II in Terminal Train Driving

Transport and Logistics